VideoMix — Photo & Video Collages

Impress your Instagram®, Facebook®, and YouTube® followers with beautiful multimedia collages created from your photos, videos, and music!

How many times have you found yourself scrolling past friends' uploads because they just aren't interesting? This app gives you a way to make your photos and videos stand out so the likelihood of people passing them by is pretty slim.

We got to play around with VideoMix's free iPhone/iPad app and the results are truly interesting and captivating. There are a lot of things you can customize. From the border on the collage tiles to the grid and the music, there's a lot you can do. [...] VideoMix is definitely a worthy app.

Despite the ability to capture and share videos being around for years, there's something very cool about seeing them in a collage format.

VideoMix is the best tool for creating photo & video collages and share them on your social networks with just a few taps. Additionally, VideoMix is free to use and without advertising!


  • Combine photos with videos and music in a single collage;
  • Share your video mix on Instagram(*), Facebook, or send via email;
  • Choose from 70+ great layouts for your collage;
  • Choose which segment of the video to play;
  • Easily rearrange the photos and videos inside the collage, with drag&drop;
  • Add your favorite music from iTunes, and select the starting position;
  • The frame's width as well as curvature can be adjusted to your liking. There is also the option to completely remove it;
  • Select from a custom collection of colors and textures for your frame;
  • Add a custom text title to your collage;
  • Add a fade-in/out audio effect.

(*) Get featured on our Instagram page by adding the @videomix id in your comments!